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The ultimate staple piece for any home gym set-up! Our squat racks and stands are undeniably the highest quality in the market. We've focused on deconstruction to remove any unnecessary bells and whistles. What's left? a solid selection of heavy-duty squat racks, perfect for all high-impact workouts. 

Whether you're a novice bodybuilder or an expert (or just anyone interested in putting together a garage gym) our range of high-quality squat stands is a must-have. Not only will you receive a dependable squat rack that goes a long way in the world of strength training, but you'll also even receive weight bench support ideal for bench pressing to your goals. 

Sturdy? Check. Adjustable squat racks? Of course. Safe? Absolutely! So why shop anywhere else for your heavy-duty training rack needs? Don't forget to browse our selection of weights and bars to round out your DIY home gym!

The ultimate staple piece for any home gym set-up! Our squat racks and stands are undeniab. . . Read More >

Frequently Asked Questions

Owning a reliable squat stand is ideal for performing heavy lifts from a comfortable position. This is crucial for Improving strength and functionality for overall physical health. Our selection of racks is highly versatile and allows for performing various exercises including overhead pressing movements as well as bench presses movements when paired with our weight benches; all from the comfort of your own home.

Squats are a fundamental compound exercise that should be a part of all workout plans. They effectively target a range of muscle groups including your posterior chain, quads, glutes, calves and core.

You should always face the hooks. Unracking the barbell and then taking a step back is easier and safer for performing your exercises. Unracking the bar this way will also ensure you're not aimlessly guessing when re-racking the bar to reduce the risk of accidents.

You'll receive free next-day delivery if you place your order before 12 p.m. You can order any product from our range and enjoy free next-day delivery regardless of where you live in the mainland UK. So you can start breaking a sweat sooner! It is worth noting that the free next-day delivery offer depends on a few factors, including the delivery method you select, the location of delivery, and the size and weight of the products you order. If there are any concerns about whether you qualify for free next-day delivery feel free to call us on 0330 175 6260 or email us at

Heavy-Duty Adjustable Squat Stands

There is no doubt that squats are one of the most important exercises you can do to strengthen your posterior chain. With our squat stands, you can add this critical movement to your workout and even adjust the weight bar to your ideal height. Get in your ideal position, whatever feels safe and comfortable, and unrack the bar straight onto your shoulders for optimum squatting potential!

If you're serious about building your ideal physique, you'll need a squat stand you can depend on in a pinch. So put your faith in our sturdy metal racks to meet all your heavy-lifting needs.

Why People Partner With Exersci For Their Bodybuilding Journey

The gym equipment we sell to you is some of the best in the UK, and we are proud of it. Regardless of what type of gym gear you prefer, we guarantee you'll get top-notch equipment if you order our industry-leading squat rack from us. We have exceptional customer service to ensure your satisfaction. To top this we even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so there's no need to look elsewhere!

Can't wait to start your fitness journey? We offer free next-day delivery on our adjustable classic barbell racks so you can begin squatting your way to your fitness goals sooner rather than later.