Collection: Adjustable Dumbbell and Bar Sets

Adjustable dumbbell and barbell pairs are perfect for the precision targeting of individual muscle groups. Whether you're a novice weightlifter or have completely mastered your body, our range of easily interchangeable dumbbells and barbells is great for selecting the perfect weight for you. No need for unnecessary equipment when you purchase our selection of adjustable barbell/dumbbell boxes, with everything you need to keep your DIY gym clutter-free.

Our quick and easy-to-assemble adjustable dumbbell and barb sets utilise twist mechanism technology to ensure you can easily remove any attached weight plates. So you're only breaking a sweat when working out! Now available in 50kg, 30kg and 20kg boxes.

 So look no further for your removable weight plate options with our selection of adjustable barbell/dumbbell boxes. Don't forget to browse our selection of gym flooring and storage for all your DIY gym furnishings.

Adjustable dumbbell and barbell pairs are perfect for the precision targeting of individua. . . Read More >

Frequently Asked Questions

Adjustable dumbbells and bar sets are an excellent investment for making a start on your DIY home gym. They are a convenient and space-saving piece of equipment that has enough weight range to satisfy even experienced weight lifters.

Dumbbell sets with interchangeable weight plates could potentially trump standard dumbbells for building muscle. This is due to the convenient opportunity for increasing weight as a form of progressive overload without having to repeatedly buy new weights.

Adjustable dumbbell/barbell sets are perfect for both beginners and experienced lifters. They're particularly cost-effective; Saving beginners from repeatedly buying weights as they progress past their previous maximum weights.

Hit a personal best quicker with our free next-day delivery offer on all products - no matter where you live in the mainland UK. To be eligible, you must place your order before 12 PM. It is worth noting that the free next-day delivery offer depends on a few factors, including the delivery method you select, the location of delivery, and the size and weight of the products you order. If there are any concerns about whether you qualify for free next-day delivery feel free to call us on 0330 175 6260 or email us at

Easy-To-Assemble Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Boxes On Offer

At Exersci, we strive to simplify the workout process. That's why we have created adjustable dumbbell and barbell sets, with wide weight options, that are ideal for performing a variety of exercises. You can use the customisable weight to target your chest, triceps, or shoulders, making your workout as effective as possible. 

Is your DIY gym setting tight on headroom? This piece of gym equipment takes up minimal space. So what are you waiting for? Achieve the body you've always dreamed of with our selection of adjustable bars and dumbbells. 


What Sets Exersci Apart From Competing Gym Equipment Brands?

Our gym equipment is some of the best in the UK, and we are proud to sell it to you. We ensure that you will get top-notch gym gear if you order your adjustable dumbbells and bar sets from us. Our exceptional customer service ensures you peace of mind. What's the point of looking elsewhere when we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee?

 Our adjustable dumbbell sets with bars come with free next-day delivery, so you can begin your fitness journey quickly and safely. We understand your eagerness to begin sculpting your perfect body as soon as possible!