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Dumbbells are easily the most versatile piece of gym equipment available for increasing strength and building muscle. These free weights can be used individually or in pairs and are perfect for isolation movements to target specific muscle groups with precision. 

Whether you’re a complete novice or a weightlifting expert, or simply want to test your strength. Our extensive range of high-quality dumbbell sets is the best piece of gym equipment for you to achieve your goals!

Dumbbells are easily the most versatile piece of gym equipment available for increasing st. . . Read More >

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of dumbbell you’ll need is entirely based on your training preferences. If you tend to drag and drop your dumbbells then you’ll definitely need our durable hex dumbbells that are designed to withstand intense workouts. However, if the sound of clashing metal is more your thing then our cast iron adjustable dumbbells might be just right for you.

Dumbbells are perfect for workouts that require isolation to target specific muscle groups. Due to having the dumbbells in each hand, more stabilising muscles are recruited that will help build coordination and stability when performing other exercises. Dumbbell versatility is unmatched and is a piece of gym equipment that can be used to target the entire body!

The short answer is no, buying cheap dumbbells is never a great option as they aren’t manufactured with longevity in mind. Our range of dumbbells is manufactured to stand the test of time; We’re so confident in the quality of our dumbbells that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you have any issues at all.

You'll receive free next-day delivery if you place your order before 12 p.m. You can order any product from our range and enjoy free next-day delivery regardless of where you live in the mainland UK. So you can start breaking a sweat sooner! It is worth noting that the free next-day delivery offer depends on a few factors, including the delivery method you select, the location of delivery, and the size and weight of the products you order. If there are any concerns about whether you qualify for free next-day delivery feel free to call us on 0330 175 6260 or email us at

Our Exersci Dumbbell Sets 

At Exersci, we understand that bodybuilding is a complex process that requires a lot of dedication. That’s why we’ve made sure to stock an extensive range of dumbbell sets that will meet all your bodybuilding needs!

  • Neoprene Dumbbells - Available to buy in 1kg pairs up to 10kg pairs, our range of neoprene dumbbells are ideal for both strengthening and cardio purposes. Now available in a range of colours, these ideal beginner dumbbells feature a non-slip neoprene coating for optimal grip during your workouts.
  • Hex Dumbbells  - Our range of hex dumbbells are available to buy in pairs of 2.5kg all the way up to a whopping 50kg! This dumbbell set is manufactured with anti-roll technology to make sure they stay put. Both ends now feature a premium rubber coating for increased longevity of your hex dumbbell pairs. No wonder these are our best sellers!
  • Adjustable Dumbbell Sets - Our selection of adjustable dumbbell boxes are available in 20 kg, 30 kg and 50 kg boxes. Featuring spin lock technology these interchangeable dumbbell boxes can enhance your workouts; when precision is key. What’s more, our adjustable dumbbell sets are easy to assemble and disassemble, perfect for home gym storage needs!
  • Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells - Our heavier sets of adjustable dumbbells, now available in pairs, from 10 kg up to 30 kg. Get the Arnold feeling with our cast iron dumbbell sets!

For weightlifters that want to level up their training performance, we also sell hex dumbbell bundles: