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Pull ups are arguably the most fundamental bodyweight exercises you can perform to increase your upper body strength whilst using your own body weight as resistance. If your goal is to have complete control over the movement of your body then our wide range of chin-up and dip stations is perfect for your calisthenic needs!  

Already a calisthenic enthusiast? Why not make strength training on our pull up and dip stations more complex with our range of weighted vests

Pull ups are arguably the most fundamental bodyweight exercises you can perform to increas. . . Read More >

Frequently Asked Questions

A high-quality pull up station is definitely worth investing in. If you're willing to supplement your weight training with bodyweight exercises such as pull ups and dips you can pack on size and muscular strength to your back, shoulder and arms.

Pull ups are a staple bodyweight exercise which is able to drastically increase muscle mass in the back, shoulders, arms and chest. This is one of the key benefits of investing in a pull up and dip multi-station to target these various muscle groups, all from the comfort of your own gym space.

Choosing the right pull up station can be daunting and will depend heavily on your training style. If you want to focus solely on how many pull ups you can perform then our selection of wall-mounted solid steel frame pull up bars might be best for you. Perhaps you want to master the movement of your body by using your body as resistance, then a dip and pull up station might be the better choice for you as it creates more bodyweight exercise options.

You'll receive free next-day delivery if you place your order before 12 p.m. You can order any product from our range and enjoy free next-day delivery regardless of where you live in the mainland UK. So you can start breaking a sweat sooner! It is worth noting that the free next-day delivery offer depends on a few factors, including the delivery method you select, the location of delivery, and the size and weight of the products you order. If there are any concerns about whether you qualify for free next-day delivery feel free to call us on 0330 175 6260 or email us at

Our Selection Of Pull Up Bars And Dip Stations

Looking for upper body exercises that will bring about results without having to set foot in a gym? Then look no further than our selection of dips and pull up stations. We offer two types of pull up stations for your home gyms that have various bells and whistles to push your training to the next level!

  • Our standard dip station and pull up bar - Feature adjustable feet for increased stability. This piece of equipment is ideal for hanging movements such as tricep dips and wide-grip pull ups. It also features back padding which is fundamental for abdominal movements. 
  • Our pull up and dip station with foldable bench - This chin-up station comes with all the benefits of the standard range but now includes a collapsible bench to incorporate free weights into your strength training programme. Why not browse our range of weights and bars to add an element of complexity to your next workout?

Perhaps chin-up and dips stations are too much? We also have two types of wall-mounted heavy-duty pull up bars available for purchase. 

  • Exersci's Multi-grip pull up bar - This solid steel frame pull up bar features multiple grip locations for targeting various muscle groups within the back. Whether you need a neutral grip, angled grip, or wide grip this pull up bar is the best to achieve results no matter the training style. 
  • Exersci's pull up horizontal bar - This is a key companion for a variety of hanging exercises including pull ups and leg raises. You can even increase training intensity with our range of resistance bands! 


Why Exersci Are A Trusted Provider Of Bodybuilding Equipment

Can't wait to start your fitness journey? We offer free next-day delivery on our range of chin-up and dip stations so you can hone your strength training sooner rather than later.

In need of industry-leading gym equipment? When you buy pull up stations from us you'll also benefit from top-notch customer service. Is your order not exactly how you want it? we'll even throw in a 30-day money-back guarantee so you know you're buying from a body-building brand you can trust!