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Completely revolutionise your workout plan with our selection of one size fits all weighted training vests. This piece of gym equipment is perfect for taking your bodyweight workouts to the next level and is fully adjustable by adding our selection of weight plates to increase resistance. 

Featuring reinforced breathable materials, the adjustable weight vest allows for great mobility when performing bodyweight exercises.

Whether you're looking for a new way to exercise or simply want to test your limits, we offer only the highest-quality weighted vests. These vests are great for speed, agility, plyometrics, and strength training, especially when paired with our performance medicine & slam balls!

Completely revolutionise your workout plan with our selection of one size fits all weighte. . . Read More >

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a weight vest to your strength training is a great way to increase coordination, balance and explosive power. These are key in particular for athletes that require high levels of agility for their sports.

Quality weight vests are an excellent weight to naturally strength train. This form of strength training can help increase exercise intensity. This is achieved by loading the hips and spine which has been found to reduce or even halt the loss of bone density. Weighted training vests have also been found to greatly improve running speed, endurance and muscular strength when implemented into conditioning training.

You'll receive free next-day delivery if you place your order before 12 p.m. You can order any product from our range and enjoy free next-day delivery regardless of where you live in the mainland UK. So you can start breaking a sweat sooner! It is worth noting that the free next-day delivery offer depends on a few factors, including the delivery method you select, the location of delivery, and the size and weight of the products you order. If there are any concerns about whether you qualify for free next-day delivery feel free to call us on 0330 175 6260 or email us at

The Only Adjustable Weight Vest You'll Need

Weighted vests are the best option for taking your fitness training to the next level when standard weightlifting just doesn't cut it.

Our ergonomic weighted vest design is perfect for choosing how much weight you want to add to your runs, workouts or HIIT training. Now available in a variety of colours, our removable weights vest comes as a standard 1.5kg on its own and progresses all the way up to 23.5kg with 4 additional 5.5kg plates.


Why Exersci Is Your One-Stop Shop For Gym Equipment

Can't wait to start your fitness journey? We offer free next-day delivery on our range of weighted vests so you can hone your strength training sooner rather than later.

In need of industry-leading gym equipment? When you buy your weight vest from us you'll also benefit from top-notch customer service. Is your order not exactly how you want it? we'll even throw in a 30-day money-back guarantee so you know you're buying from a body-building brand you can trust!