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Get the most out of your home gym with anti-slip & shock-absorbent rubber flooring designed to take the beating that carpet or tile cannot handle.
Get the most out of your home gym with anti-slip & shock-absorbent rubber flooring designed to take the beating that carpet or tile cannot handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, carpet is not suitable for the majority of home workout exercises due to their support and unhygienic factors. 

A soft and spongy carpet makes weight lifting exercises such as deadlifts and bench presses difficult and dangerous as you are not able to screw your feet into the ground. This can lead to compensations in your knee or back that can linger and cause injury over time. Additionally, if you accidentally drop your weights, there is nothing to protect the subfloor beneath from being damaged.

Cardio exercises such as a rowing machine also become a lot more difficult. As you will constantly be going back and forth not just on the machine but also on the carpet, your rowing speed will be decreased. 

Often overlooked is the hygiene factor. Sweat is a lot harder to clean when it has accumulated on the carpet, which if left forgotten about, can result in bacteria growth. 

However, if you are performing simple exercises such as yoga or stretching, carpet is fine (although it is not the best surface for it to be done on). 

If you are supporting the load of weights and equipment, we recommend a thickness of between 12 to 20mm. If you are performing exercises such as pilates or yoga, we recommend using foam-based floorings such as a gym mat or yoga mat. 

It’s not advisable to install rubber gym flooring on top of a carpeted floor, especially if it’s a soft carpet, as the friction causes the rubber tiles to slip away. Even though rubber flooring is designed with anti-slip in mind, carpet is not the best surface for light objects to be gripped onto. Attempting to exercise on a slippery floor is very dangerous and you can cause serious injury to yourself. 

Instead, it’s much better to rip out the carpet and install the rubber gym flooring onto the hardwood or concrete (or whichever other flooring is hidden underneath).

From rubber flooring and folding gym mats to yoga mats, we sell a variety of gym flooring so you can have the best exercise possible. Simply lay the mat down and start living the benefits of a stable surface, whether you're stretching, doing cardio, or doing strength training.

All of our mats are available with free next-day delivery (depending on the time you place your order) meaning you won’t have to wait long to get going. 

Couldn't find what you were looking for? Chat with us today and a member of our helpful team will help you find what you're after. 



Finding the right flooring

Having the right flooring is imperative to a stable home gym, we sell both EVA jigsaw mats and heavy-duty rubber tiles to assist you in planning out your home gym without being floored by an overwhelming range. 


Jigsaw mats

Our 12mm extra think jigsaw mats are designed to be extra thick and interlock seamlessly with one another. They are soft and use non-slip matting which will protect your floor from any damage that can come from dropping weights. 

We have a wide variety, available in both black and blue, with olive, leafor no pattern depending on what your style is. 


Heavy-duty rubber tiles

Our thick rubber floor tiles are thicker than jigsaw mats. Being 2cm thick, they support a load of weights and machinery a lot better, protecting your floor during heavy impact sessions. Each tile is 50cm by 50cm or 100cm by 100cm with flat edges, allowing you to neatly fit out your entire home gym and cut any down to size if necessary. 


Exersci® Exercise Mats  

Improving your health, fitness and well-being often starts with using the right equipment to prevent any potential injuries.


Exersci® Gym Mat

Our gym mats are 6ft long, 2ft wide, and 4cm thick, making them perfect for pilates, yoga, gymnastics, and stretching, removing any strain you may have experienced from a hard surface. They hold away into three segments and come with a carry handle making transportation much easier. 


Exersci® Yoga Mats

Our yoga mats are designed with a thick cushion of 10mm, giving the right amount of support needed to perfect yoga, gymnastics, pilates, and other workouts. Whether you’re attending a group yoga session at the gym or just going out to the garden, you can do so easily. We have designed our yoga mats for both indoor and outdoor usage, making sure there is no curling of the edges once set up. 

They roll up easily and the lightweight design makes storage and transportation a lot easier. Start finding your inner peace and achieve a healthier lifestyle today. 


Exersci® Padded Ab Mat

Our padded ab mats are designed to fully extend your core whilst providing you support during high-intensity core muscle workouts. An ab mat creates a connection point for the lumbar spot in your lower back, resulting in easier and more effective exercises. 

Whether you’re at the gym or working out from home, you’ll be able to train your abdominal and core muscles more effectively as it isolates your upper abs, lower abdominals, and lower back muscles. The 30-degree contoured design fits the natural curve of your back and paired with its firm foam & leather-covered cushion, it becomes the perfect training aid to support you during training.

Gym floor suppliers 

We are proud experts in gym equipment and flooring, providing customers up and down the country with affordable, safe, and high-quality gym flooring. No matter what you’re after, we can help you put together a home gym designed to help you get the most out of your workouts. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’ve bought too many floor tiles, you can return what you don’t need without a hitch.