Collection: Commercial Gym Equipment

Whether you're a hotel, spa, independent fitness centre or something in between, you need high-quality & built-to-last gym equipment that is capable of taking on the toughest of environments. 


Whether you're a hotel, spa, independent fitness centre or something in between, you need high-quality & built-to-last gym equipment that is capable of taking on the toughest of environments. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial gym equipment is designed with frequent use in mind and as a result, is a lot more reliable & durable over time. They are also designed for a variety of strength levels, making them ideal high-intensity weight trainers.

Commercial gyms are designed for people who want to exercise regularly but don't have much space or money to buy their own equipment. They offer everything from treadmills to weight machines to free weights.

Having the right equipment is essential to creating and upgrading a fitness space, here are some tips to make sure you choose the right equipment to suit your needs:


1. Finding the right equipment

Before you purchase anything, work out what equipment you need. You may be buying more to fill demand or you may even be upgrading an outdated model. Each type of equipment requires a specific set of features and capabilities. For example, strength training equipment must allow users to perform multiple repetitions and sets of different weights.


2. Consider Your Facility Size

Once you've decided what equipment you need, you'll need to work out how much space you have to house all of it. Depending on your facility's size, you may not be able to get everything you want. As not many people enjoy their personal space being invaded during a workout, it's a good idea to space your equipment out as best as possible.  


3. Choose Quality Over Quantity

While it's tempting to buy everything you may need, quality trumps quantity when it comes to commercial gym equipment. As low-quality equipment can break easily and be more prone to causing injuries, it's a good idea to invest in high-quality & durable gym equipment designed with safety in mind. 


4. Look for Durable Materials

Commercial gym equipment is meant to last for years. As a result, manufacturers typically build these products with sturdy materials like steel and aluminium. However, some materials aren't as strong as others. For example, plastic components tend to wear out faster than metal ones. When shopping for commercial gym equipment, look for durable materials that will stand up to regular use.

We provide a wide range of commercial-grade gym equipment suitable for a variety of training methods from plate racks and squat bars to weight vests and medicine balls that will help and maintain your customer's fitness.


Variety of training equipment

The fitness world has evolved in the past decade with dozens of gyms popping up in towns and cities. So whether you're looking to open a new facility or simply upgrade your existing space, you need high-quality equipment to leave a lasting impression on your customers, giving them a reason to come back.    

We provide the fundamental gym equipment you need for weight & functional training to improve customers' strength and cardio. 


Train the right way

Safety is paramount in the gym which is why it's so important to give your customers the tools they need to practice, maintain and achieve good form; from rubber-tile mats for pre-workout stretches to safety squat bars to squat the right way, you can instill high-levels of safety throughout your facility and stop any accidents from happening.

Customer-focused gym equipment suppliers

Trusted by gym rats and fitness fanatics, Exersci provides commercial facilities up and down the country with affordable and built-to-last gym equipment made from high-quality materials. Our customer service is second to none, with endless five-star reviews and a one-year guarantee on all products, you can trust us to take your fitness hub to the next level.