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Enhance and protect your home gym with Olympic bumper plates designed to absorb any impact when dropped, preventing you from damaging your floor.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A bumper plate is a type of weight plate that is made of durable rubber and is designed to be dropped during exercises such as the Olympic lifts (snatch, clean, and jerk). The rubber construction helps to protect the flooring and equipment, as well as reduce noise. Cast iron weight plates, on the other hand, are made of solid cast iron and are typically not designed to be dropped. They are typically used for traditional weightlifting exercises such as bench presses and deadlifts.

It is generally considered safe to drop bumper plates, as long as they are dropped on a rubber or rubber-coated surface such as our premium Olympic weightlifting platform, and not on a hard surface such as concrete. Dropping bumper plates on a rubber surface can help to protect the plates from damage and reduce the noise level. Also, be sure to use proper technique when dropping the plates to avoid injury. 

We sell a wide range of bumper plates that will make your exercises easier; whether you’re performing deadlifts, squats or using a bench press. With weights ranging from 5kg up to 100kg, we have every weight you’ll need to develop your weight training game. 

We offer free next-day delivery on all orders, so matter the weight you need, you can start lifting tomorrow. 

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Range of weights

Our Olympic bumper plates include 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 100kg sets, and 150kg sets, giving you all the weights you’ll need to have an intense and rewarding workout. They are suitable for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, functional training, and a variety of other workout exercises designed to increase your strength.

If you’re building a home gym, you may be in the market for barbells. We stock a large range of 10kg-20kg barbells for a variety of lifts; whether you’re after a squat bar, curl bar or straight training bar. 


Why use free weights?

Free weights are an ultimate all-in-one strength builder and are up there as one of the most efficient and effective ways to burn calories, improve balance and increase muscle definition. They have a wide versatility and allow for a range of exercises designed to build stabilising muscles.

Whether you’re doing deadlifts, overhead presses, or squats, having a variety of different weighted bumper plates will allow you to train specific muscles more easily and take your training program to a new level.


Suppliers you can trust

We are proud to sell some of the highest quality gym equipment in the UK. No matter what you need, we can assure you that you’ll receive equipment that is built to last. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’ve bought the wrong weight you can return it without a hitch. Still not sold? We are 5-star trusted by hundreds of returning customers up and down the country.

We offer free next-day delivery on our bumper plates so you can continue to make gains on your fitness journey as soon as possible.