Exersci® Competition Olympic Barbell

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Step up your weightlifting game with the Exersci Competition Olympic Barbell - our top-of-the-line barbell designed for serious lifters. With a max load of 2000lbs, this barbell is built to handle heavy deadlifts, squats, and bench presses with ease.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Exersci Competition Olympic Barbell is made with superior alloy steel and finished with a hard chrome coating. This not only enhances the barbell's strength but also provides a sleek and shiny appearance that will make a statement in any gym.

Bar Specification 




Bar Type


Bar Length

7ft /220cm

Bar Weight


Knurl Type


Central Knurl


Barbell Colour


Sleeve Colour



Superior Alloy Steel/Hard Chrome

Loadable Sleeve Length


Distance Between Sleeves


Max Load



Measuring 7ft/220cm in length and weighing 20kg, this barbell conforms to Olympic standards, making it suitable for all your weightlifting needs. The dual knurl type ensures a secure grip, allowing you to maintain control and stability throughout your lifts. Plus, the absence of a central knurl provides added comfort during exercises that involve resting the barbell on your shoulders or chest.

The Exersci Competition Olympic Barbell features chrome-coloured sleeves that not only match the bar but also spin freely, minimising friction and letting you focus on your lifts. With a loadable sleeve length of 41cm and a distance between sleeves of 131cm, you have plenty of space to add and adjust weights to meet your training goals.

Invest in the Exersci Competition Olympic Barbell and experience the performance and quality that serious lifters demand. Push your limits, set new personal records, and take your training to new heights with a barbell that can handle even the most challenging workouts. Elevate your weightlifting routine and achieve your fitness goals - order the Exersci Competition Olympic Barbell today!