Exersci® Tactical Weighted Vest

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Elevate your workouts and push yourself to your limits with our range of tactical weighted vests. Available in a variety of colours and weights, each vest is specifically designed to help you push yourself during your workouts.

Whether you are looking for a weighted vest for running or strength training, our tactical weighted vest ranges from 1.5kg to 23.5kg - add to your routine and see the difference.

Please note: Exersci Tactical Weighted Vests are designed to increase body mass during workouts and are not intended for body protection.

Browse our full range of weighted vests and plates to elevate your workout routine.


Universal Fit: One size fits all design for a comfortable and secure fit.
Adjustable Weighted Vest: Easily removable or addable weight plates for personalised challenges.
Versatile Colours: Available in various captivating colours.
Customisation: Velcro patches included for personalised customisation.
Durable Design: Built to withstand the toughest workouts, ensuring longevity.
Expandable Options: Extra weight plates can be purchased separately for further progression. View our range of vest weight plates.

Product Specification

Tactical Weighted Vest Weight: 1.5kg
Adjustable Weight Range: 1.5kg to 23.5kg
Assembly Instructions: View our assembly instructions.