Exersci® Padded Ab Mat

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Introducing our Padded Ab Mats - the ultimate solution for taking your core muscle workouts to the next level! Designed to provide support and enable a full range of motion, these mats are the perfect tool for targeting and strengthening your abdominal and core muscles.

Here are the key benefits of our Padded Ab Mats:

  1. Assists in training abdominal and core muscles: Working your core muscles is essential for stability and balance. Our Ab Mats are specifically designed to assist you in targeting and engaging your abdominal and core muscles effectively.

  2. Enables full range of motion: With our Padded Ab Mats, you can achieve a full range of motion during your workouts. This means that you can fully extend your core and work your entire abdominal muscle group, maximizing the effectiveness of your training.

  3. Contoured design for optimal support: The contoured design of our Ab Mats fits perfectly with the natural curve of your back, providing the necessary support to maintain proper form and posture throughout your training sessions. This helps to reduce the risk of strains and injuries.

  4. 30-degree sloped end: Our Padded Ab Mats feature a 30-degree sloped end, which allows for additional variations in exercises and positioning. This enables you to isolate and target specific areas of your abdominal muscles, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive workout.

  5. Isolates upper abs, lower abdominals & lower back muscles: Whether you want to focus on your upper abs, lower abdominals, or lower back muscles, our Ab Mats are designed to isolate and engage these specific muscle groups. This targeted training accelerates your progress and helps you achieve your fitness goals faster.

  6. Perfect training aid: Our Padded Ab Mats are the perfect training aid for both home and gym use. They are compact, easy to carry, and can be used in a variety of settings. Whether you prefer to work out from the comfort of your home or want to enhance your workouts at the gym, these mats are a must-have.

  7. Firm foam cushion and durable PU leather material: Our Ab Mats feature a firm foam cushion that provides optimal comfort and support during your workouts. The durable PU leather material is easy to wipe clean, ensuring the longevity and cleanliness of your mat.

  8. One size fits all: Our Padded Ab Mats are designed to be versatile and suitable for everyone. With one size that fits all, you can be confident that the mat will accommodate your needs and provide the necessary support for your core training.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your core muscle workouts with our Padded Ab Mats. Invest in your fitness journey and take your core strength and stability to new heights. Order now and get ready to experience a more effective and rewarding training session!