Exersci® Black & Chrome Premium Safety Squat Bar

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Are you looking to crush your next squat workout while keeping your shoulders safe and comfortable? Look no further than the Exersci 7ft Olympic Safety Squat Bar! Featuring extra-thick tubing that can withstand up to 1000lbs load, this premium squat rack is the perfect addition to your home gym or commercial facility.

Our Safety Squat Bar is designed with your form and comfort in mind. With thick padded shoulder rests, knurled grip handles and maintaining correct torso alignment, which reduces strain and alleviates pressure on your shoulders and wrists. This ensures that you can perform all squat exercises safely without risking injury.

  • Exersci 7ft Olympic Safety Squat Bar
  • Max Load: 1000lbs
  • Includes two quick release Olympic collars
  • Thick padded shoulder rests for maximum comfort
  • Maintains correct form and technique during squat workouts
  • Encourages correct torso alignment
  • Reduces strain and alleviates pressure on shoulders and wrists
  • Knurled grip centre handles
  • For use with all Olympic 2" weights

Plus, the Exersci Olympic Safety Squat Bar includes two quick release Olympic collars and is compatible with all Olympic 2" weights. So whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this bar is perfect for building strength and power in your legs, glutes, hips, and more, all while keeping you safe and injury-free.

Our Premium Squat Rack is perfect for squatting low and loading up your posterior chain, without any worry about injuring yourself. With its unbeatable combination of strength, durability, and comfort, the Exersci Olympic Safety Squat Bar is sure to become your go-to choice for all your squat workouts. So why wait? Order now and experience the ultimate in safety and support!