Exersci® Heavy Duty Landmine with Handle Attachment

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Maximize your workout potential with our versatile floor-mounted landmine. Whether you're looking to build a stronger upper body, increase muscle mass, or improve your overall fitness, our landmine is the perfect addition to your training gear. Here are some of the amazing benefits you can enjoy:

• Two different bar insertion sizes (1" and 2" diameter) to work with standard or Olympic barbells
• Multi-use barbell handle included for military press and upright rows, adding variety to your exercises
• Hook on the back of the landmine allows you to easily attach battle ropes or resistance bands, providing even more workout options
• Four fixing points on the landmine provide secure stability during exercises.
• Four 14mm anchor bolts are supplied to ensure ease of installation.

Our floor-mounted landmine is suitable for a range of bodybuilding and weightlifting exercises, including rotational core exercises, overhead presses, and rows. The multi-use barbell handle allows you to transform your exercises and target different muscle groups, while the hook at the back enables you to add resistance bands to your workout and engage even more muscles.

Made to last, our landmine is durable and has a strong construction. With four fixing points on the ground, it provides a secure base to allow you to focus on working out safely and with confidence. Use our 4 supplied anchor bolts and get ready to transform your home or gym.

Invest in our floor-mounted landmine and take your training to the next level!