Exersci® Strongman Log

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Elevate your strength and strongman training with The Exersci Strongman Log. With an impressive 300kg capacity, this log ensures unparalleled stability, empowering you to conquer the most demanding workouts.

The ergonomic neutral grip design reduces shoulder stress, promoting proper form and minimising the risk of injuries. Crafted from matte black powder-coated steel, this strongman log bar stands the test of time during intense strongman training sessions.

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Olympic 2" Sleeves: Customise your training with ease using the Olympic 2" sleeves, accommodating standard weight plates for adjustable load convenience.

Comfortable Grip: The 32mm grip diameter provides a secure and comfortable hold, eliminating hand fatigue and allowing you to confidently maximise your performance.

Diverse Exercises: From cleans and presses to rows, The Exersci Strongman Log offers versatility, targeting various muscle groups for a well-rounded training routine.


Material: Powder-coated steel
Bar Weight: 24kg
Capacity: 300kg
Dimensions: 178cm (length) x 19.5cm (height) x 19.5cm (width)