Muscle confusion, does it work?

Over the years many health professionals have promoted that confusing the muscles by frequently performing different exercises can stop a plateau in performance and increase strength. This has led to people performing truly crazy exercises to attempt to “confuse their muscles”, unfortunately there is no scientific evidence that promotes this method.
The theory behind the muscle confusion, does sound somewhat logical. A lot of “fitness gurus” have suggested varying exercises weekly or even every couple of days. The theory being, by changing workouts frequently, your body is forced to adapt to the constantly changing workouts and in turn improve strength performance.
Overall, the muscle confusion theory is most certainly a myth. Our bodies don’t change very fast. It has been found to keep consistent with exercises and breaking the plateau with other methods such as progressive overload. Therefore, workouts should remain mostly consistent for around 4 to 6 weeks for you to be able to implement progressive overload.